Sticky Dates & Raisin Cake

Gluten-free, moist and delicious date and raisins cake soaked in a caramel coffee syrup. A perfect ‘coffee inspired’ and healthy cake, great for breakfast.

Vanilla Almond- Chia seed Pudding #1

Simple and delicious vegan food made with just 5 ingredients. One of the easiest breakfast option. A lot of variations are possible with Chia seed pudding and I will be posting few of my favorites in the coming posts.

Angel Food Cake

Light and fat-free cake for all occasions. Made with less than 5 Ingredients! This cake can be used as a base for many dessert recipes like White Forest Cake and tastes absolutely delicious.

Gluten-free Double Chocolate Walnut Cookies

Guilt free ‘melt in your mouth’ cookies which are basically scoops of chocolate, walnut and egg white mixture baked to get a cracked shiny texture outside and chewy inside.Absolutely no oil or flour and tastes so good like brownies!  

Chicken & Egg Breakfast Wrap

Easy ‘on the Go’ Breakfast wraps are one of my all-time favorites. They are so easy and delicious. One of my Rotisseri Chicken Hack! My mom used to pack me and my sister these wraps during our school days as breakfast/ lunch. Eases the burden of carrying heavy LUNCHBOXES and fits easily into your pocket…

Honey Almond Coconut Cake

BOX CAKE MIX HACK! Elevate a plain yellow box cake mix to a home made craving cake using with this recipe. Moist coconut flavored cake with honey almond crusted top. I usually don’t prefer box cakes but sometimes when convenience calls, I end up using one, but with my twist so it ends in a…

Coconut Strawberry Trifle

Best way to use left over yellow cakes or box cake mix. I have used King Arthur Gluten free yellow cake mix in this recipe.Crumbled/cubed cake pieces layered with fresh chopped strawberries and coconut custard.Its an easy and tasty dessert with a hint of coconut flavor. You can use fruits of your choice.

Cornbread Muffins

Light and sweet muffins made using corn meal and buttermilk. These muffins go well with spicy chili or had just like that. I have used King Arthur Gluten-free All purpose flour in this recipe but you can use any brand of your choice. The same batter can be used to make cornbread by baking in…

Banana Almond Bread Loaf

Best way to use up those over ripe bananas resting on your Kitchen counter. Moist and healthy bread loaf. Gluten-free and Instant pot-friendly recipe!!👍😊