Rich, delicious and authentic Kerala (South Indian) dish. Chicken and potatoes cooked in fresh ground spices and shallots- tomato gravy with a touch of cream for a rich texture. Absolutely Gluten free recipe. I always try to use Fresh ground GARAM MASALA/ ALL SPICE MIX for all Indian savory dishes. You can either use store […]

South Indian style, spicy slow fried chicken gizzards and hearts marinated in fresh ground spices. Tastes absolutely amazing with Rice. Simple and easy recipe with very less ingredients.    

Healthy vegetarian Indian dish consisting of cubed paneer(cottage cheese) pieces in a pureed spinach gravy seasoned with Indian spices and cream. It is a very easy and delicious vegan side to have with rice, bread/Roti. I have used the frozen masala cubes in this recipe to reduce the cooking time.   recipe] —-PALAK PANEER/ COTTAGE […]

Samosas are crispy fried tortilla pockets stuffed with mild spiced savory filling made with boiled potatoes, green peas and chopped onions. This is my cheat version for the authentic Indian samosas, using store bought Gluten free tortillas. You can use any type of tortillas of your choice for this recipe. These samosas are best when […]

Chicken and bell pepper stir fry with Indian spices and my ‘Make Ahead’ onion tomato masala cubes. It is such an easy and yummy dry Chicken side dish and my ‘GO TO’ recipe for lazy days! 😉 Using Frozen masala cubes and Ginger garlic cubes makes it is so easy to prepare this dish in […]

South Indian style spiced Beef and potato curry with whole ground spices, prepared in Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Qt. It’s a delicious comfort food to have with Bread/Hawaiian rolls/Rice. I have provided a milder variation for this curry at the end of the recipe.😊 If you want to use the frozen masala cubes in […]

Rich and delicious South Indian Chicken Curry. Chicken pieces pressure cooked in onion and tomato based gravy , fine coconut paste and Indian spices. I have used Instant Pot Duo Mini (3 Qt) for making this recipe. It took around 12 mins to cook the chicken pieces and using Frozen masala cubes and Ginger garlic […]