All useful and handy Kitchen Electronics and commonly used flour,spices etc that I have used in my recipes can be found here. You can click on the titles to get the amazon link to buy them. I will keep updating this page as I try other products in my Kitchen. INSTANT POT DUO MINI(3 QT) […]

Freezing this curry masala base made of onions, tomatoes, green chilies, spices and oil is an ultimate cooking hack! This curry base can be preserved up to several weeks in the freezer and can be used in all sorts of Indian curries and other savory dishes. It also helps to cut down on the extra […]

Get those perfect hard boiled eggs every time you make using INSTANT POT. No gooey yolks or discoloration or hard to peel shell! Can be used for deviled eggs or in chicken salad recipes. DIRECTIONS Wash the eggs thoroughly. Turn on the Instant Pot.(I am using an Instant Pot DUO MINI 3 QT). Keep the […]

Malabar Tamarind/ Brindle berry is small pumpkin like fruit found in South East Asia which has high concentration of HCA(hydroxycitric acid) and it helps in suppressing appetite. It is traditionally used in Indian cooking(dried form), mainly in seafood/ fish curries. It has a lot of health benefits like aiding in weight loss, keeping the blood […]

Health benefits of ginger and garlic are numerous and its always good to incorporate them into all your savory dishes. The 100% natural and best way to preserve or store ginger, garlic and green chilly fresh for your everyday cooking needs, is by freezing them in oil. This has helped me a lot to Save […]