Classic Stuffed Omelette

Fluffy omelette stuffed with sautéed mushrooms, onions, spinach and some shredded chicken served with a toasted french brioche and thin scrape of butter smeared on top!! Doesn’t that sound like a perfect weekend breakfast? For me its heaven and that too if it is a ‘breakfast on bed’ then it will make my day! 🙂…

Classic Tiramisu

Classic Italian dessert made with Gluten free ladyfinger cookies dipped in coffee and layered with whipped mixture of egg yolks, sugar, mascarpone cheese with a touch of coffee liquor, dusted with cocoa powder and chocolate shavings. It is an all time Coffee Lover’s Dessert and one of my favorites too! An easy ‘no bake’ dessert…

Dark Chocolate Banana Bread

Moist and delicious chocolate banana bread loaf loaded with dark chocolate chunks and topped with chocolate glaze. Another easy recipe to use those over ripe bananas! Absolutely Gluten free!! Chocolate and Banana is an ultimate pair that you will sure ‘Go Bananas’ for.😍 I have used King Arthur Gluten free flour for the recipe here.I…

Chocolate Raspberry Marble Loaf

A simple yet delicious pound cake loaf with fresh raspberry, chocolate and vanilla swirls and topped with mini chocolate chips. You get a hint of every flavor in each bite making this a ‘Perfect Summer snack or breakfast’! It is a very easy Gluten free recipe and uses simple ingredients. The yogurt in the recipe…

Cast Iron fried Chicken Gizzards

South Indian style, spicy slow fried chicken gizzards and hearts marinated in fresh ground spices. Tastes absolutely amazing with Rice. Simple and easy recipe with very less ingredients.    

No Churn Coconut Icecream with Raspberry swirls

Delightfully creamy homemade coconut ice cream with swirls of fresh raspberry coulis/syrup. Absolutely no eggs! Coconut and raspberry to me is a ‘PAIR MADE IN HEAVEN’ !! I am sure you will also love it after trying this recipe. Click this link to check my other dessert recipes. Check the link in ingredient list to…

Beet and Guacamole Quesadilla

For all Beet lovers!! Cheesy glutenfree quesadilla filled with beetroot patty and fresh guacamole! Tastes amazingly delicious and filling. Perfect as an appetizer or main course.

Palak Paneer/ Cottage cheese in Spinach gravy

Healthy vegetarian Indian dish consisting of cubed paneer(cottage cheese) pieces in a pureed spinach gravy seasoned with Indian spices and cream. It is a very easy and delicious vegan side to have with rice, bread/Roti. I have used the frozen masala cubes in this recipe to reduce the cooking time.   recipe] —-PALAK PANEER/ COTTAGE…

Chocolate Mocha Mousse Cake

A classic dessert from scratch for all the coffee lovers out there! Moist and decadent chocolate cake with mocha mousse layer and chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate shavings. A perfect dessert for potlucks and parties ! I have used an easy mousse recipe in this dessert instead of the traditional one.

Kiwi Pineapple Smoothie

This is a healthy vitamin loaded green smoothie perfect for the summer. Kiwi and Pineapple is a ‘GO TO’ pair for the season and its tastes absolutely refreshing!