My Kitchen Pantry

All useful and handy Kitchen Electronics and commonly used flour,spices etc that I have used in my recipes can be found here. You can click on the titles to get the amazon link to buy them. I will keep updating this page as I try other products in my Kitchen.

  • Everest Kashmiri Red Chilly Powder81564uvzRGL._SY679_This chilly powder is used in all Indian recipes which gives red color and less heat. If you cannot find any Indian grocery stores nearby, you can check this link to get from Amazon online. You can use any Indian brands available. Paprika can be used to replace in recipes that call for this chilly powder but you will not get the authentic Indian taste.
  • SWAD Turmeric Powder71nXWY9CJ1L._SX522_ Used in almost all Indian recipes. If you can not find in a nearby Indian grocery store , you can check this Amazon link to buy online.
  • SWAD Coriander Powder41eoq1m+AWL Used in all my Indian recipes for getting thick and rich gravies and also for meat margination.
  • SWAD Cumin Powder91x7p8eWX5L._SY679_Another Indian spice is fine ground cumin seeds, gives an authentic Indian flavor to the dishes. You can find these spices in PATEL Brothers(U.S.A) or other Indian grocery stores in your places. Or click the Amazon link above to find these online.
  • GARAM MASALA Powder91sXy6Jjj1L._SX522_ It is an Indian All spice mix in powdered form.You can find many Indian brands selling Garam masala online in Amazon and I have linked one of them here. I will also be posting the recipe to make Garam Masala at home so that you can store and use for long time.

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