Perfect Hard boiled Eggs in Instant Pot

Get those perfect hard boiled eggs every time you make using INSTANT POT. No gooey yolks or discoloration or hard to peel shell! Can be used for deviled eggs or in chicken salad recipes.


  1. Wash the eggs thoroughly.
  2. Turn on the Instant Pot.(I am using an Instant Pot DUO MINI 3 QT).
  3. Keep the trivet inside the IP, add 1 cup water into the pot and place the eggs on the trivet.
  4. Now close the IP with the lid and keep the steam handle in sealing position and select Pressure cook mode for 4 mins on high pressure.
  5. Once done, open the lid using QPR(Quick Pressure Release).
  6. Transfer the eggs carefully into a bowl filled with ice water and let them sit there about 2 mins.
  7. When ready to use, crack the egg shell with a spoon gently on all sides.
  8. Roll the egg on the counter surface,pressing gently and the shell will come off as a layer.
  9. Carefully peel off the shell and wash the egg to remove tiny bits of eggshell.
  10. Use them in your favorite recipes or
  • Tip# Do not keep them for more than a week
  • Tip# Keep the eggs refrigerated with shell, for later use.

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