Vegan Mango Ice cream

Beat the summer heat with this creamy and delicious mango ice cream made with less than 4 ingredients and no Ice cream maker needed. It is a simple and eggless recipe using coconut whipped cream and fresh mangoes.

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I have used used pureed Ataúlfo mangoes in this recipe for the intense rich mango flavor and added bits of chopped mangoes in the icecream.IMG_2324


Course- Dessert

Yield-4-5 servings

Preparation time-15-20 mins

  1. Diced ripe mangoes- 3-4 cups
  2. Full fat Coconut Cream-14 oz
  3. Fat free Condensed milk/Coconut condensed milk-14 oz
  4. Vanilla Extract-1 1/2 tsp


  • To prepare Mango puree– In a blender, puree the mango cubes until smooth and creamy and strain the puree through a mesh strainer into a bowl.IMG_2276.JPG
  • Pour the condensed milk into the mango pureeIMG_2282.JPG
  • Combine well without any white streaks. Add a splash of vanilla IMG_2286
  • To make Coconut whip cream– Chill the coconut cream overnight and remove the thick cream(use only the thick part and not the liquid) into a large bowl.
  • Beat the coconut cream and 1 tbsp. sugar using a hand mixer until stiff peaks consistency.
  • Add the whipped coconut cream into mango mixture.IMG_2291
  • Combine well to to get a fluffy and rich mango cream. IMG_2292
  • Mix in some chopped mango bits and pour into a glass dish. Spread evenly using a spatula. Place a parchment sheet on top of the ice cream and cover with the lid.
  • Refrigerate overnight or at least 8 hours to get a thick scooping consistency.
  • Variations- Add raisins or chopped white chocolate pieces in this mango icecream to take it to the next level! You can replace mango with other fruits like banana, strawberry, blueberries to get different intense flavors.
  • For a full fat version of this icecream use heavy whipped cream instead of coconut whip cream and full fat condensed milk
  • Check this link to see how to make vegan condensed milk-‘Coconut Condensed milkby BiggerBolderBaking

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  1. this i’ll make for my kiddo !!

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