Strawberry Lovers- Chia seed Pudding # 3

For all strawberry lovers out there! Almond milk Chia pudding layered with homemade Strawberry compote and strawberry yogurt. It’s a healthy sweet treat and a quick breakfast which can be made in no time with less ingredients. Check my previous post to see other variations of the Chia pudding or click the links below to…

Strawberry Smoothie

A quick and healthy drink and a perfect breakfast ‘ON THE GO’. Made with frozen strawberries and bananas.

Blueberry Lemon Loaf Cake

This is one of my favorite summer recipe. Moist and tangy loaf cake filled with fresh blueberries and topped with a delicious lemon glaze.   I have used some fresh meyer lemons for this recipe as it gives a subtle tang and sweetness unlike normal lemons.But you can use any kind of lemons available.This is…

Coconut Berry Trifle-Chia seed pudding #2

Simply ‘berrylicious’ and healthy sweet treat and a quick breakfast which can be made with just 5 ingredients. Coconut Chia seed pudding layered with blueberry yogurt and topped with fresh berry sauce.   Check my previous post to see another variation of the Chia pudding or click this link to get the full recipe, Vanilla…

Shredded Chicken Salad Sandwich

Delicious creamy chicken salad with shredded chicken, finely chopped apples, celery, hardboiled eggs and pistachios for a twist. Best way to use that leftover rotisserie chicken in your refrigerator(Rotisserie Chicken Hack). Perfect as a side or a filling for your sandwich! Apples give a hint of sweetness to the salad and the nuts give a…

Chicken Biryani

Savory Indian rice dish layered with chicken pieces marinated in yogurt, whole spices and fried onions. Rice and Meat are cooked separately before layering and then cooked together and served garnished with fried nuts, raisins and chopped cilantro.

Butter Chicken

Classic Indian recipe. Boneless chicken pieces in spiced creamy gravy. We usually make Butter Chicken for potlucks and our friends enjoy a lot.

Shrimp Biryani

Indian seasoned rice dish made with shrimp and whole blend spices and garnished with fried nuts, cilantro & caramelized onions.

Coffee Chocolate Marble Cake

Coffee, chocolate and vanilla flavors marbled into a moist cake. The best way to treat both your coffee and chocolate craving together in one cake! My husband and I just fell more in love with every bite into this cake. It gives a feeling of drinking Coffee. 🙂